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The Natural Agent with an Orange Fragrance to Fight Grease & Grime.



Product Features

Complete cleaning of all galley equipment, decks and motor pools. Fast acting in removal of grease & oils from stainless steel and hard surfaces. Leaves stainless steel shiny & bright.

NSN# 6850-01-522-4919

NSN# 6850-01-522-4917

NSN# 6850-01-522-4918

NSN# 6850-01-522-6797

ReNu All Purpose Kleen

NAVSEA APPROVED for Surface Ships

SPMIG# 27073 Approved for Gaylord Hood System

This product is an effective, fast-working, NON-TOXIC, biodegradable all-purpose cleaner/degreaser for grills, ovens, deep fat fryers, and Gaylord hood cleaning.
Great for ship/submarine galleys and restaurants. Safe and easy to use compared to other corrosive cleaners.

NSN# 6850-01-434-4426

instruction Sheets

Dishwasher Lime Scale Remover II (Concentrate)

NAVSEA SHML approved for all surface ships

Product Features

NSN #6850-01-671-7950

Volcanic Oven Cleaner

Volcanic Oven Cleaner is a high-foaming oven cleaning formula designed to penetrate and liquefy quickly baked-on food, grease, and carbon deposits from most commercial and industrial ovens and grills. This non-flammable and completely phosphate-free formula is USDA Authorized for use as a degreaser/cleaner in removing baked-on carbon deposits, grease, and foods from cooking and smoking equipment, food utensils, and other like surfaces in Federally inspected meat, poultry, rabbit, and egg processing plants.

Product Features

NSN# 7930-01-521-6194

NSN# 7930-01-671-7475

Renu Metal Kleen

Renu Metal Kleen is an effective, fast-working, NON-TOXIC, biodegradable cleaner for stainless steel surfaces. It cleans hard to remove corrosion. Metal Kleen removes lime, rust, and water spots. Anti-Static. For chrome, porcelain, tile, brass, copper, bronze, Formica, fiberglass, crystal, and plate glass. Excellent rust remover from all surfaces. Metal Kleen is guaranteed to leave no oily residue.

NAVSEA APPROVED for Surface Ships and Submarines

NSN# 6850-01-434-6107

Combat XIX Tuberculocidal Spray Disinfectant


Navy Medically Approved Replacement For Cavi-Wipes!

– Approved for and listed on the NAVSUP WSS COVID-19
product list
– Approved on EPA ‘N’ list. EPA # 1839-83-50371
– Approved for all surface ship classes

Review: “How To Use” Instruction Sheet Below!

Product Features

NSN 6840-01-703-1133

Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner Germicidal Detergent (Gallon Concentrate)

Product Features

NSN# 7930-01-521-6601

NSN# 7930-01-521-6605 (On literature)

EPA #47371-131-50371

instruction Sheets

Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner Germicidal Detergent (Pouches)

Product Features

NSN #6840-01-624-9190

General Purpose Non-Acid Washroom Cleaner (for GP Washroom)

An excellent cleaner and disinfectant for use on stainless and other non-porous surfaces. Excellent cleaner for medical treatment spaces, and surgical utensils – removing blood, faster and less messy than betadine, bleach, etc. It is effective for berthings, bathrooms, gyms, floors, countertops, sinks, toilets, urinals, showers, hatch knobs, phones, water fountains, and ship operational departments. NO MESS OR STAINING PROBLEMS, PLEASANT FRAGRANCE. Apply on surfaces with a trigger sprayer.

NAVSEA APPROVED for Surface Ships and Submarines
AMAL Approved for Medical Departments

NSN# 6840-01-476-3957

NSN# 7930-01-521-4194

NSN# 7930-01-521-4195

NSN# 7930-01-521-4197

instruction Sheets

Food Service Sanitizer II (Concentrate)

Recommended for the sanitization of food contact surfaces, processing equipment, and other surfaces in food processing locations without a potable water rinse.

The “twin chain” quaternary ammonium compound technology is a radically versatile disinfectant, sanitizer, virucide, and deodorant.

NAVSEA Shipboard Approved!

NSN #7930-01-521-4189

Pacific Sparkle Glass Cleaner (Ready-To-Use Cartridges)

Product Features

NSN# 6850-01-624-1875

NSN# 6850-­01-­624-­1843

NSN# 6850-01-624-1879

NSN# 8125-01-624-1869

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