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Coast Crème Cleanser

“Mild Abrasive for Tough Cleaning Jobs”

Coast Crème Cleanser is recommended for cleaning tough-to-remove soils and stains in showers, restrooms, kitchens, and other areas in schools, manufacturing plants, hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes, and institutional settings. Excellent for removing stubborn spots, build-ups, scuffs, grease, rubber marks, mildew stains, hard water deposits, and soap scum.

CONTROL OF ODOR: Cleans and deodorizes bathroom, restroom fixtures, glazed porcelain, ceramic tile, and fiberglass.

NSN# 7930-NP-888-7199

Food Service Sanitizer II (Concentrate)

Recommended for the sanitization of food contact surfaces, processing equipment, and other surfaces in food processing locations without a potable water rinse.

The “twin chain” quaternary ammonium compound technology is a radically versatile disinfectant, sanitizer, virucide, and deodorant.

NAVSEA Shipboard Approved!

NSN #7930-01-521-4189

Food Service Sanitizer (Cartridges)

Suitable for food contact surfaces and food processing equipment that do not need a rinse with potable water. Based on a twin chain quaternary compound to provide maximum efficiency. Food Service Sanitizer is a proven, effective virucide, fungicide, and hard surface disinfectant at various dilution ratios. Formulated without fragrance, making it acceptable for use in meat and poultry plants.

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NSN# 6840-01-624-1806

NSN# 6840-01-624-1804

NSN# 6840-­01-­624-­1820

NSN# 8125-01-629-6882

HULA SHINE — Soy-Based Cleaner & Polish Stainless Steel Cleaner / Degreaser & Polish

Safety use on ALL surfaces, including Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Carbon Steel. Surfaces Not Harmed by Solvent.

Hula Shine Stainless Steel Cleaner is an innovative GREEN soy-based product that cleans, degreases, and polishes stainless steel and other hard surfaces. This product is oil-based and offers an unmatched cleaner and polish for a unique all-in-one product—a cost-efficient cleaner for everyday use.

NSN# 7930-NP-655-0325

Pacific Sparkle Glass Cleaner (Ready-To-Use Cartridges)

Product Features

NSN# 6850-01-624-1875

NSN# 6850-­01-­624-­1843

NSN# 6850-01-624-1879

NSN# 8125-01-624-1869

Pacific Sparkle Glass Cleaner (Concentrate)

NAVSEA APPROVED for Surface Ships. A Hard Working, Pleasantly Fragranced Anti-Static

A specially formulated glass, plastic, and computer screen cleaner designed for use on glass, Lexan, Lucite, mirrors, menu boards, and other surfaces not harmed by water. This fresh blue formula utilizes a unique combination of soil-suspending detergents and wetting agents to quickly remove soil smudges, grease, and fingerprints without streaking. Anti-static to repel airborne dirt.

NSN# 7930-01-521-4188

NSN# 7930-01-521-4196

Pacific Sparkle Glass Cleaner (Ready-To-Use)

NAVSEA APPROVED for Surface Ships. Non-Streaking AMMONIA FREE Formula – Effective on GLASS or THERMOPLASTIC

A bright blue, non-streaking, anti-static, hard surface cleaner designed specifically for industrial and institutional use on windows, glass, mirrors, appliances, thermoplastic (acrylic), computer screens, and other surfaces not harmed by water.

NSN# 7930-01-521-4200

NSN# 7930-01-521-4199

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NSN# 6850-01-434-4411

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